Masalli region, located in the south of Azerbaijan, 270 km away from the capital city is known for its subtropical climate, azure beaches on the coast of the Caspian Sea and the abundance of hot springs, the most famous of which is Istisu.

Thermal mineral spring Istisu (literally “hot water”) has long been a place of pilgrimage for people suffering from rheumatism and other musculoskeletal and skin diseases. Several rest houses, cottages and campgrounds are built around the source. Part of the thermal spring water flows into a small river, making a kind of contrast baths for campers. The river is inhabited by unusual fish, that to swim up to people and nibbling the skin which results in healing from dermatological diseases.

The climate in this region is favorable for the lush forest which is inhabited by the abundance of different animals and has precious woods such as beech, hornbeam, ironwood, alder, and oak.

Masalli is particularly promising for the development of the health tourism. The region is rich in mineral springs – both thermal and cold, some of them are with a high content of sulfur and other elements. A few kilometers from Masalli near the Arkivan village is a thermal mineral spring “Istisu” (hot water). In summer this area becomes a place of pilgrimage for many tourists and people who suffer from rheumatism and other ailments from all over the country and from abroad.