Ilisu – The administrative territorial unit of Gakh region of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilisu, located along the banks of the Kurmuk and Hamamchay rivers 12 km from the administrative centre of the region, on a river terrace surrounded by mountains and 1356 meters above the sea level, is of great interest to tourists.

According to the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan from March 26, 2002 the village of Ilisu declared Historical Cultural Reserve after Ilisu State natural Reserve. Moreover, rainy mountains covering all sides, spring and summer, daily rainfalls, rainbow followed by them, fresh air and calmness, old homes built in a beautiful landscape, as well as many ancient monuments keep attracting many people here.

The region of Gakh is rich with historical and architectural monuments. Though Some of the peculiar monuments to different periods of the history have been preserved until today but main part of them were destroyed as the result of wars and natural erosions Monuments remained up to day like Sumug Gala, Ulu Korpu, Ulu Masjid, Qalacha (Shamilgala), Qala Complex, Chinli Qala and epigraphic monuments are glorious pages of heroic history of Ilisu.