Lerik – is one the most ancient settlements. It’s located in 300 km from Baku. The borders are Yardimli to the south and the south-west, Lankaran to the north-east, Masalli to the north-west, Astara to the south-east. Talish mountain ranges extend across the border with Islamic Republic of Iran and Peshtasar and Buravar mountains ranges from the north. Lerik is mainly famous for the longevity of some of its citizens. With its beautiful nature and fresh air, Lerik attracts many tourists here. There are numerous historical monuments in Lerik: mausoleum of Khoja Sayyid in the village Khanagah (14th century); the mosque of 19th century in the village Lyulyukyaran; ancient settlement “Giz Yurdu” near Mistan village at an altitude of 2430 meters; the mausoleum of Baba Hassan at the village Jonu; the mausoleum of Baba Isa in Mondigah village; mausoleum of Pir Yusif at the Kekonu village; mausoleum of Jabir (12-14th centuries) located on the road from Lerik to Dzhengemiran village. Stone statues of rams are preserved in many villages.