Lankaran is located in the south-eastern part of Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea. This is one of the brightest and most beautiful cities in the country. Exquisite architecture, a wonderful climate and beautiful natural landscapes are the hallmarks of this city. The fertile soil serves to the prosperity of agriculture, the presence of hot springs attracts tourists and people who want to improve their health and a long history and an abundance of historical and cultural attractions do not leave fans of Antiquities indifferent. Lankaran district is located in the center of the popular tourist routs. Part of it is located along the coast of Caspian Sea and one of the features of the coastline is the black sand which has amazing healing properties.

There are plenty of historical attractions in Lankaran and among them the most attractive is Lankaran Fortress, to be more exact its fragments remained. It was built in the XVIII century and reputed to be one of the most important fortifications in the Talysh khanate. Its walls made a huge impression with their large forms and rows of strong teeth. The fortress was surrounded by traditional for medieval times moat filled with water when required. The main objects of this building were North and South towers from where an aimed fire on attackers was conducted.

The brightest architectural landmark in Lankaran is the house of Mirahmad khan located in the heart of the city. This palace was built in 1913 and was the first three-storey building in the city. Despite the fact that two French architects were involved into this project there is clearly seen a presence of the features of the national Azerbaijani architecture. Facades on the west and north side are made of brick and white stone and the eastern and southern facades are finished exclusively in red brick.